Consulting Solutions

In today’s multi dimensional Information Technology environments, IT managers are asked to deliver projects that require mission critical technical and project management expertise, or require support that exceeds their current resource capabilities.

Many clients have turned to VERGE IT to scope the project, recommend the technology, provide additional resources, and manage the project to a successful completion. Our technical capabilities allow our client to focus on their day to day business needs, comfortable that they have a trusted partner to assist them in delivering their technical goals.

Contract Services

When a client is faced with the need for additional resources, securing the right contract personnel is a serious challenge. What is required is a rare balance of technical competence and professionalism to get the job done right the first time.

VERGE IT takes pride in its capability to understanding our clients unique needs from their blend of skills required to their environment.   We have the proven ability to access that talent on a local, national and even international level. We perform extensive research in assessing skills, determining interest, and checking references prior to presenting to our clients. From the start and throughout the engagement, we offer suggestions, monitor the consultant’s performance, and provide options specific to our clients’ needs.

Our clients remain impressed with the level of expertise of the consulting staff that we provide.  When our consultants become so valuable that our clients can’t live without them and they wish to retain the services of those consultants full time, VERGE IT will work with our clients to offer flexible employment transition plans to ensure that everyone will be satisfied.

VERGE IT offers many specialty services including:

          • Consulting Solutions
          • Project Management and Delivery
          • Infrastructure Support
          • Contract Services
          • Development Teams
          • Transition Services
          • Technical Search Services
          • Outsourcing

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